Desert Fest Postponed

An inaugural world music festival slated for Oct. 9-10 at Mission Springs Park in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., was recently postponed to spring 2011 over planning issues.

The Wellness and World Music Festival was expected to feature Ziggy Marley alongside fitness, health and yoga experts.

But as the countdown clock to the fest kept ticking, secondary acts, ticket information and schedules weren’t provided on the event website.

And when local media began questioning hotels in the area about the festival, several reportedly claimed they were in the dark on the status of the event and said occupancy was “wide open” during the dates.

The city chalked up the postponement Sept. 7 to planning too much, too soon.

“We overreached,” City Manager Rick Daniels told the Desert Sun. “We tried to do too much in too short a time.”

Desert Hot Springs is apparently attempting to brand itself as a health and wellness center and hopes the event could springboard development in the region. Officials signed a $250,000 contract with Tresed Ventures and Baruch/Gayton Entertainment Group to promote the event in December, the paper reported.

Daniels added that he didn’t think the festival could be financially successful in October after facing problems securing the event site and advertising spots.

“Six months gives the promoters time to do what’s needed,” he said. “It’s a critical event and it’s got to come off right or we’ve failed.”

Tresed Ventures and Baruch/Gayton are extending their contract to promote the event in the spring without an increase in their fee, the Sun reported.