Cohl Spins ‘Spider-Man’ Web

It’s all systems go for the Broadway debut of “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” the musical penned by U2’s Bono and The Edge and produced by Michael Cohl, scheduled to open Nov. 14.

Cohl was reportedly recruited by Bono last August to bring his industry expertise to the $60 million production, directed by Julie Taymor, and has since raised 70 percent of the show’s budget, according to the New York Times.

The legendary promoter is no stranger to risk. He told the Times he’s well aware the project is a gamble.

“As long as you don’t think about the whole big picture, producing ‘Spider-Man’ is a fantastic experience,” he was quoted as saying. “But once you look up and see it all, it looks very, very scary.”

The production’s cost is said to be a Broadway record, according to the Times, compared with 1988’s “Phantom of the Opera” at $8 million, 2003’s “Wicked” at $14 million and 2008’s “Shrek the Musical” at $25 million.

But the financial realities haven’t deterred Cohl and the creative minds behind the show from working to bring the “Spider-Man” story to Broadway and beyond.

“I got involved because I believed deeply in three artists: Bono, Edge, Julie [Taymor],” Cohl told the Times. “But there have been a lot of moments over the last year when I said, ‘This isn’t doable,’ when I went home and thought: ‘What am I doing? I could be on a beach in Florida.’”