THR Goes Weekly

The Hollywood Reporter, an e5 Global Media publication, will cease publication as a five-times-per-week newspaper to a slick, large-format, more consumer-oriented weekly magazine.

Content in the entertainment trade is expected to transition from mostly industry news to longer-form analytical and feature articles, according to the New York Times. It’s also expected to focus on a broader advertising market; instead of catering to the films and studios that have provided the bulk of its advertising dollars, THR looks to broaden its scope to appeal to beauty, fashion, consumer electronics and liquor advertisers.

Newsstand prices will reportedly rise to $5.99 per issue, compared with $2.99 for the current daily. A year’s subscription is expected to drop by about $50.

Richard Beckman, e5 Global Media’s chief exec, told the Times he expects circulation to grow to 60,000 in the first months after the redesign, and quadruple in three years. He also said the editorial staff would grow by 50 percent, to 70 people, and the redesign will include THR’s website.

The media conglomerate is rumored to be considering a similar B-to-C makeover for Billboard.