AllGood Appeals

AllGood Entertainment filed a notice of appeal at U.S. District Court in New York Sept. 17, shortly after the company’s $300 million suit against Michael Jackson’s estate was dismissed.

“Every now and then a referee can make a bad call – Judges too can make bad decision,” AllGood attorney Scott Meyerowitz said in a statement. “There was a con job here, and despite the overwhelming evidence we presented, the Court shut down our investigation, and will not let a jury hear this case. It was a sad day for those seeking the truth of what really happened to Michael Jackson and bringing those who played no small role in this tragedy to justice,” he continued.

AllGood had sued Michael Jackson and manager Frank Dileo before the singer’s death, claiming MJ had signed a non-compete agreement for a Jackson Family pay-per-view event before he decided to ink with AEG Live for the this “This Is It” residency in London.

The suit was eventually amended to include the Jackson estate. It was dismissed Aug. 20.