McGuinness Still Hates Internet

U2 manager Paul McGuinness still hates Internet service providers.

McGuinness made that clear in 2008 when he addressed the MIDEM conference in France. He reiterated his concerns in an article he wrote for the U.K. version of GQ magazine.

The manager argues that ISPs have made a lot of money off the backs of musicians by providing illegal material, such as free music files.

The ISPs should share their windfall profits with the artists, McGuinness says, and, if they don’t, governments should institute laws like the ones passed in France, England, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand that try to level the playing ground for musicians.

Photo: AP Photo
Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena, Moscow, Russia

The article caused Irving Azoff to revive his Twittering after 17 days of inactivity: “Let me be the first to completely support Paul McGuinness’s position.”