HotStar: Mike Posner

For some, college is a time to crack the books. For others, it’s a time to let loose. For Mike Posner, college was the ideal time to launch a music career.

The 22-year-old, who majored in sociology and business at Duke University, wrapped his classes in December and graduated in May.

Somehow, in the midst of term papers and final examinations, Posner found time to release two mixtapes from his dorm room, sign with J Records, tour on weekends and write and record 31 Minutes To Takeoff.

Posner’s Detroit-influenced dance pop started getting noticed on the college circuit after he uploaded his first mixtape, A Matter Of Time, to iTunesU in March 2009.

“We were locking in fraternity shows across the country from referrals from his frat brothers and his college friends and also from the buzz that was coming out from his mixtape,” NUE Agency’s Jesse Kirshbaum told Pollstar.

Following his record deal, Posner scored opening slots for 50 Cent and Drake, played the Bonnaroo Music Festival and hit the road with the Warped Tour.

And while he may have started out touring with a keyboard and a laptop, manager Daniel Weisman said Posner’s show has developed to include a full backing band for his Live Nation-produced club tour this fall.

“We really wanted to take it to the next level and position Mike as a credible touring and festival act,” Weisman said.


Posner’s single “Cooler Than Me” has sold more than 2 million digital downloads

Debut album 31 Minutes To Takeoff went No. 1 on iTunes