With A Little Help From Their Fans

As Paul McCartney’s former publicist, Geoff Baker has tons of material to draw from for his upcoming book on the Beatles, but he really wants to write about fans’ personal stories.

In addition to working as the publicist for McCartney and his late wife Linda, Baker worked at Apple Corps under the band’s press officer Derek Taylor.

He told the Telegraph that his book, titled “The Beatles Fanthology,” will feature photos that fans snapped of the Beatles as well as stories and recollections of the band. Fans’ memories and mementos will be used to tell the Fab Four’s history from the band’s founding in 1957 to present day.

Photo: © Apple Corps Ltd, 2009

“The fans made the band and they have continued to make the band through five decades – but I feel their crucial side of the story that Derek called ‘the 20th century’s greatest romance’ has never been told properly before,” Baker told the U.K. newspaper.

“I’m reasonably qualified to write this book and it is the only Beatles book that I shall ever write,” Baker said.

Contributions to the book can be emailed to [email protected].

“I’m looking for those little moments that may be personal to one but will be understood by us all,” Baker said.

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