Halal Burger And Chips Please

Wembley Stadium, Ascot racetrack and Twickenham may all face protests from animal rights groups after the Daily Mail reported they’re among several places that aren’t telling the public how the meat they serve is slaughtered.

Whitbread, the UK’s biggest hotel and restaurant group and owner of the Beefeater and Brewery Fayre chains, some of the country’s largest National Health Service Trusts, and even Cheltenham College are also guilty of serving up meat prepared in the same way and not telling the consumer.

All the beef, chicken and lamb they’re selling has been prepared in accordance with strict Islamic “sharia” law, under a process known as halal.

As Muslims aren’t allowed to consume blood, the process involves slaughtering the animals by slitting their throats without first stunning them with a bolt gun. If an animal is stunned before slaughter, not all of its blood will drain out.

However, European law requires that an animal must be stunned before being slaughtered by this method. Many halal butchers stun an animal before cutting its throat, but it’s believed that about one in five don’t bother.

Animal welfare organisations have condemned the process as being “barbarically cruel” and The Farm Animal Welfare Council, which advises the government, has called for halal meat to be banned in Britain.

A spokesman for the Football Association, which runs Wembley Stadium, has confirmed that only halal meat is served at the venue.
Other venues told The Sun that their first considerations when buying meat are quality and price.