Legendary Australian concert promoter Michael Chugg may have just written such a memoir. “Hey, You in the Black T-Shirt,” went on sale Downunder yesterday.

The 335-page autobiography is reportedly of the tell-all variety, with plenty about sex, drugs and thugs – and some rock ‘n’ roll, too. It includes tales of tours with “the drug-addled Fleetwood Mac, feisty Frank Sinatra, sullen Bob Dylan, riotous Robbie Williams and many more,” according to one description.

But it’s a literal open book on not just the rock stars but the man who promoted them in Australia, unflinchingly detailing his drug and alcohol addictions, lost loves and giving an insider’s view of the “Melbourne Music Mafia.”

Chuggie “calls a spade a F*%#ing shovel in burying the reputations of cads or criminals in the Australian music industry over the past in his own colourful language,” according to Immedia! Music Business Books.

“It’s no wonder that former partner Michael Gudinski called in the lawyers and demanded an advance read of the book before allowing it to be published without cuts,” Immedia! writes. “Other promoters like Jack Utsick, Paul Dainty, Sam Righi, Michael Coppel and Kevin Jacobsen have been nervous, while the huge drug importation of former Frontier Touring tour manager Ian Saxon was revealed in full when millions of dollars in Krugerrands and massive amounts of hashish were seized.”

Where, some may ask as their palms begin to sweat, can the book be purchased?

As of now, physical copies are available in Australia only. There is no Kindle or other e-book version, but the first chapter is online for a taste by clicking here.

“Hey, You in the Black T-Shirt” can be ordered by mail only outside of Australia for US$45 plus shipping. Order inquiries should be e-mailed to [email protected].