The lawsuit targets Hutchence’s co-writer Andrew Farriss, INXS’s U.S. lawyer Bill Leibowitz, the band’s manager Chris Murphy and their record companies.

Chardonnay has not revealed its directors. INXS, when rejecting the accusation, suggested that the beneficiary might not be Hutchence’s 14-year-old daughter Tiger Lily.

The girl lives in London with Sir Bob Geldof, the former husband of her late mother, TV presenter Paula Yates, who left him for Hutchence.

In a statement, the band said, “‘As family men, all we hope and pray for is for the proceeds of Michael Hutchence’s income going to Tiger Lily’s benefit.” It added that Chardonnay claimed to have ”far greater rights than Michael Hutchence himself ever had.”

Hutchence’s mother Patricia Glassop died Sept. 21 in Sydney aged 84. She had been vocal about Geldof’s refusing her access to her granddaughter.