It is illegal in China to express support for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, whom the Chinese government has accused of seeking independence for Tibet. China claims Tibet as an integral part of its territory.

Pasang, 21, was inspired by the songs of Eastern Tibet that often contain imagery of the Dalai Lama. The song that offended the Chinese police is called “Ultimate Hope for Peace” and compares the Dalai Lama to a flower.

According to Radio Free Asia, many Tibetans are now trying to obtain the CD even though it’s been banned. The RFA quotes an anonymous Tibetan man as saying, “The Chinese authorities are looking for Pasang, but so far he has not been detained. His parents are worried about his fate.”

In March, a court in Tibet sentenced popular singer Tashi Dhondop to one year and seven months in prison for producing an album “with subversive songs.” The album’s title was Torture Without Trace.