ADL Not Happy With ‘The Wall’

Roger Waters has gotten in trouble with the Anti-Defamation League because the production of “The Wall Live” includes imagery that juxtaposes images of the Star of David with dollar signs.

Photo: AP Photo
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

During “Goodbye Blue Sky,” which includes lines like “Did you hear the falling bombs,” the wall is covered with images of planes dropping bombs in various shapes, including crosses, the star and crescent symbol associated with the Islamic faith, hammers and sickles, Mercedes-Benz logos, Stars of David and dollar signs. ADL Director Abe Foxman calls putting the dollar sign and the Star of David on the same screen is “outrageous,” according to the New York Post.

“While he insists that his intent was to criticize Israel’s West Bank security fence, the use of such imagery … could easily be misunderstood as a comment about Jews and money,” Foxman reportedly said in a statement.

“We wish Waters had chosen some other way to convey his political views without playing into and dredging up the worst age-old anti-Semitic stereotype about Jews and their supposed obsession with making money.”

Waters has been a longtime critic of Israel, the Post noted. Although it is unclear whether Foxman has seen the production, he will have a chance when “The Wall” visits Madison Square Garden.

Waters’ wife, Laurie Durning, told the Post, “Since this tour started on Sept. 15, we’ve had dozens and dozens and dozens of reviews and over 120,000 audience members, and I’ve never heard anyone interpret the show in the way this guy Abraham Foxman has – and of course it’s most definitely because he hasn’t seen it.

“This show is unapologetically anti-war, and we would really like to put a quick end to any possible rumors of it being in any way negative towards any group of people.”

Durning added, “It absolutely does not call up any ‘anti-Semitic stereotypes.’”

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United Center, Chicago, Ill.

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