The band announced the split today with a statement posted to its MySpace blog. Confide assured fans that the break up was on friendly terms, explaining that life on the road was simply wearing down the guys.

“First of all, we want to let you know that each member of the band remains friends and the band breaking up was a positive thing and nothing bad happened to result in this.

“After being a touring band for over three years now, Confide is on the road for nine to ten months out [of] the year and for some people in the band, it was getting to be a struggle to be gone so much, living in a van, sleeping in parking lots and not eating/sleeping well. We absolutely love making music, playing shows and especially meeting/hanging out with fans but we feel God has a new chapter for our lives right now.”

Before going their separate ways, the band members will fulfill their commitment to play several dates in Japan with Pierce The Veil.

The trek kicks off Friday with a gig at Drop in Osaka followed by a show at Rad in Nagoya (Oct. 9). The round of dates concludes in Tokyo with performances at Seata (Oct. 10) and Tower Records (Oct. 11).

Confide also plans on booking a number of farewell shows as a thank you to fans. The band said dates and details would be posted after the Japan shows.

The statement noted that each member of the band plans to continue working in the music business in one capacity or another.

“We’re not giving up on music and you will definitely hear from each of us again. We hope that you guys will show each of us the same support that you have shown Confide over the years.”

Click here for Confide’s MySpace blog.