Sheryl Crow Plans Free Concert

Saying she wants to make up for a recent Los Angeles performance that wasn’t quite up to her usual standards, Sheryl Crow is planning a free show in November.

According to Crow’s website, the singer / songwriter defied her doctor’s orders and performed at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre Sept. 10 despite having been diagnosed with strep throat and a sinus infection. Now she’s giving that evening’s audience a second chance to catch her in top form by scheduling a free show at L.A.’s Pantages Theatre Nov. 16.

The free show is made possible by Crow’s partnering with Greek Theatre promoter Nederlander and yogurt company Yoplait.

“I appreciate the great turnout and support for my Greek Theatre show,” Crow said in a message posted on her website. “As you know I was quite ill that evening and not at my best. My fans deserve better so I am playing a special show just for them and spread awareness about the fight against breast cancer.”

Crow, a breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed with the disease in 2006.

Here’s the deal on tickets. Fans who were at the Greek Theatre concert get first dibs but must present their ticket stubs or proof-of-purchase to the Greek Theatre box office by Oct. 17.

Any tickets remaining will be offered to fans bringing Yoplait yogurt lids to the Greek’s box office (maximum four lids per person). Yoplait is sponsoring the free show in conjunction with its “Yoplait’s Save Lids To Save Lives” program, donating 10 cents per lid to the fight against breast cancer.

Photo: AP Photo
ABC’s "Good Morning America," Central Park, New York City

For more information on Sheryl Crow’s free Los Angeles show, click here for the artist’s home page.