A Few More Things: Eminem, Jay-Z & Ozzy

Eminem talks to “60 Minutes” about minding his Ps & Qs, the Miami Police Department wants help catching gangsters that look like Jay-Z, and Ozzy Osbourne speaks out against the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church.

Slim Shady Shapes Up

In a recent interview, Eminem told “60 Minutes” correspondent Anderson Cooper that the language he uses at home around his children is quite different from the often violent, explicit lyrics of his Grammy-award winning albums.

“Profanity around my house? No,” the rapper said, according to Reuters. “I’m not saying there’s not glimpses of me in the music, there’s not truth in … things that I say, but this is my music, this is my art.”

Photo: Kelly A. Swift
Epicenter 2010, Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, Calif.

Eminem has three daughters.

“I’m a parent, I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person, walking around my house ‘Bitch, pick this up.’ You know what I mean? I don’t cuss,” he said.

The interview airs Sunday on CBS.

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American Gangster

Jay-Z’s 2007 album may be titled American Gangster and he may have sold drugs as a young teenager in Brooklyn, N.Y., but the 40-year-old rapper isn’t exactly a gangster. That’s apparently news to the Miami Police Department.

Earlier this week a banner depicting a drawing of five “gang members” was featured on the police department’s website along with a caption that read “Report Gang Activity” and a phone number to contact the gangs unit.

The Miami New Times first blogged about the banner Thursday, pointing out that two of the banner’s “gang members” looked almost exactly like Jay-Z. The post included photos of the rapper that had most likely inspired the drawing.

Photo: AP Photo
Yankee Stadium, New York City

The graphic has since been removed from the police department’s website.

Police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes told The Associated Press the drawing was inadvertently done.

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Ozzy Says Wesboro Baptist Church Is Crazy

Ozzy Osbourne is not too pleased that the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church used lyrics from his signature song “Crazy Train” during a press conference following Tuesday’s Snyder v. Phelps Supreme Court hearing.

Albert Snyder, the father of a Marine killed in Iraq, sued the controversial church after the group demonstrated near his son’s funeral.

Westboro Baptist Church members brought signs to the funeral declaring sentiments such as “Thank God for dead soldiers.” The group believes God is punishing the United States for being tolerant of homosexuality.

Photo: AP Photo
Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel

An attorney and daughter of the church’s founder paraphrased lyrics from “Crazy Town” during the press conference in Washington, D.C.

“I am sickened and disgusted by the use of ‘Crazy Train’ to promote messages of hate and evil by a ‘church,’” Ozzy said in a statement.

“Crazy Train,” which hails from 1980’s Blizzard Of Ozz, was his first single as a solo artist having leaving Black Sabbath.