Stupid Promo Tricks

In what has to be one of the dumbest promo events ever staged, members of a Southern California band blocked traffic on a Los Angeles freeway this morning in an attempt to force drivers to listen to their music.

Hailing from Orange County, the band is Imperial Stars, which describes itself as a “hard core hip hop” group, according to the Los Angeles Times. Earlier today the band parked a big box van decorated with the group’s logo on U.S. 101 near Sunset Boulevard, blocking four of the freeway’s five lanes of traffic as the group performed on top of the vehicle.

Want to see their music video?  Better yet, want to read the comments?  Go here.

Perhaps the driver was the smartest member of this morning’s cast of idiots. Instead of hanging around for the show, he reportedly took off with the van’s keys and has yet to be found.

But the three members of Imperial Stars were still performing on top of the van when the California Highway Patrol arrived. Needless to say, the musicians were arrested, but reports from Los Angeles indicate removing the van represents a larger problem (no keys, remember?). By late morning, the ridiculous attempt at self-promotion had resulted in a miles-long traffic jam.

Imperial Stars’ website states the band, whose songs include a little ditty called “Traffic Jam 101,” is “committed to benefiting the displaced children of America through the voice of music.”

The band also proclaims, “Progression is a standard with our audio production, collective marketing strategies and overall business approach, therefore building relationships and doing well by them is the priority at Imperial One Entertainment.”

Too bad acquiring common sense isn’t a priority as well. Oh, well, maybe that will happen after someone bails them out.