Marriage & Karaoke

Two new music-centric reality shows are heading to the small screen. “Married to Rock” gives viewers a peak into the lives of women married to rock stars. Another pilot is in the works for a show based on Funny or Die’s “Undercover Karaoke with Jewel” video.

“Married to Rock” is described as featuring “four very different women, one very unique common thread: rocker husbands and boyfriends. To survive the touring, the groupies and mayhem, they’d better be friends.”

In her cast bio, Susan Holmes is called “the one with it all.” Holmes made a name for herself as an international supermodel and by launching her own line of swimwear. In 1999 she married former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan. The couple has two daughters. Earlier this year McKagan joined and then left Jane’s Addiction.

Photo: AP Photo
Lollapalooza, Chicago, Ill.

Speaking of Jane’s Addiction, Etty Farrell also stars on the show as “both artist and manager (of the Farrell household).” She married singer Perry Farrell in 2002 after meeting him as one of the dancers on the band’s 1997 “Relapse Tour.” She now does choreography for the band’s dancers, helps Perry in his role as the creator of Lollapalooza, and co-writes songs for PerryEtty. The Farrells have two sons.

Josie Stevens – “the classic rocker chick” –married Billy Idol’s longtime guitarist, Steve Stevens, in late 2008. Her resume includes posing for “Playboy” and modeling for a number of video game characters. She’s also worked as a hair stylist and make-up artist on Cinemax film projects, album covers and posters.

Photo: Marcy Guiragossian
The Fillmore, San Francisco, Calif.

AJ Celi – aka “The single girl” – is currently the VIP director of Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood, Calif., after helping launch a number of successful nightclubs in New York and the Hamptoms. She has called Billy Duffy, guitarist for The Cult, her significant other for the past three years.

The show premiers on E! on Nov. 7 at 10:30 p.m.

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Going Undercover

According to an exclusive report by, TBS has ordered a pilot for “Undercover Karaoke” (working title). Instead of punking celebrities, the half-hour hidden camera project will try to pull the wool over fans’ eyes by featuring celebrities “disguised as regular people going to everyday events where they perform as the superstars they really are.”

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The “Undercover Karaoke with Jewel” video was posted in July and has since racked up over 3.3 million views. The singer is shown putting on a disguise as “Karen” (including a brunette wig, glasses, butt padding and prosthetic nose) and then wowing a Los Angeles karaoke bar with the Jewel tunes “Who Will Save Your Soul” and “Foolish Games.”  The crowd has no idea the karaoke star is really Jewel.

The TBS pilot is being executive produced by the video’s creator Eric Appel and Funny or Die executive producer Mike Farah along with Gary Sanchez Prods.’ Chris Henchy. Funny Or Die is producing the show with input from partners/co-founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

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