Keith Dishes Dirt On Mick

In his autobiography scheduled to be released later this month, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says he and frontman Mick Jagger aren’t exactly the best of friends.

Richards’ life story, appropriately titled “Life,” is scheduled to be released Oct. 26. In an interview published today in The Times, Richards said Jagger has been “unbearable” since the beginning of the 1980s.

Photo: AP Photo
Starting the Euro tour at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy.

The axeman also mentioned a couple of nicknames he has for the singer – “Brenda” and “Your Majesty.”

But the quote that’s getting a lot of play in the London press is one describing a certain part of Jagger’s anatomy as a “tiny todger.” Feel free to make your own jokes about not getting any “Satisfaction.”

During the interview, Richards said he didn’t know who Johnny Depp was even though the actor was a friend with his son and had visited the rocker’s home on more than one occasion. Depp has always claimed Richards was the inspiration for how he played Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie series, leading to the guitarist’s appearance as Sparrow’s father in the third flick, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End.”

At one point, Richards evidently assumed Depp was a drug dealer.

“It took me two years before I realized who he was,” Richards told The Times. “He was just one of my son Marlon’s mates, hanging around the house playing guitar.

“I never asked Marlon’s mates who they are because, you know, ‘I’m a dope dealer.’ Then one day I was at dinner and I’m like ‘woah, Scissorhands.’”

Photo: AP Photo / Las Vegas Review-Journal
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards strut their stuff at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Speaking of drugs, Richards says he gave up illicit substances since he underwent brain surgery after falling from a tree in Fiji in 2006.

Although the interview in today’s Times is protected by a subscription wall, the quotes were quickly picked up and printed by other publications. You can read more about it by clicking here for the Independent’s account.