Tyler is no stranger to the “Star Spangled Banner” having performed the song on several occasions, such as at the Indianapolis 500 and the 2004 World Series.

But contemporary music artists performing America’s National Anthem wasn’t always cool. During the 1968 World Series at Detroit’s old Tiger Stadium, Jose Feliciano performed what is considered to be the first “personal” version of the song at a major sporting event, only to create a controversy that lasted longer than the seven games it took the Tigers to beat the St. Louis Cardinals.

But the controversy resulting from Feliciano’s soulful rendition was no match for the fuss raised in 1990 by Roseanne Barr after the comedian screeched through a version of the song at a San Diego Padres game. Plus, spitting then grabbing her crotch as she walked off the field didn’t exactly endear her to patriotic baseball fans.

Whitney Houston, Neil Diamond, and Carrie Underwood are just a few of the many artists that have performed America’s National Anthem over the years, their renditions recorded for posterity in the clips below.

Of course, no collection of National Anthem performances would be complete without Jimi.