Ali Meet & Grievance

A U.K. promoter has filed suit against CKX’s Muhammad Ali Enterprises over a tour/meet & greet dinner that never was with the boxing champion in Louisville, Ky.

In its suit, Silverback Event Management alleges the company was approached in January 2009 about co-promoting a tour of the Ali Center along with a black-tie dinner for a firmly committed group of 160 British citizens.

After meeting with officials for the center, Silverback claimed it made two $75,000 down payments to secure the deal and purchase Ali memorabilia for tourgoers.

But after Silverback found out there weren’t standing commitments from any tourgoers, and asked that the event be rescheduled to allow more time, the promoter soon learned of similar events with Ali Enterprises and another U.K. promoter.

Silverback’s suit brings forth claims including injunctive relief, breach of contract, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, interference with prospective advantage and conversion.

The company is seeking the return of its Ali memorabilia that was allegedly given to the other U.K. promoter, damages and attorneys fees.