Jacksons In Japan?

Details are scarce, but the Jacksons – Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine – plan to reunite to headline two tribute concerts to their late brother Michael in Tokyo Oct. 14-15, according to Asian travel website CNNgo.

The Jacksons will share the stage with the Japanese R&B singer AI, whose latest album features Snoop Dogg, Boyz II Men and K’Naan.

The concerts may be the start of a world tour for the Jacksons. It seems certain it will launch a world tribute tour with AI.

The idea for the concerts appears to be the 29-year-old singer’s, as she told CNNgo, “I thought it would be great to sing and dance with the people who were around Michael, especially his family. We haven’t talked about the kind of songs yet, whether it will be for Michael of about us, but we think it will be nice to have one of the producers that Michael used to work with.”

Three previous tribute concerts featuring all or some of the Jacksons have been planned but never materialized.

Consequently, little else has been confirmed about the October shows, including a possible venue or a promoter.

However, CNNgo says that Michael’s mother supports the concert because of his love of Japan, which she said in a letter “was one of Michael’s favorite places in the world. He loved visiting this beautiful country and always felt much love from his millions of fans.”