Snow Prevents Shakira From Enchanting The Germans

A snowstorm blew across Europe this week, causing traffic jams, airport shutdowns and Shakira canceling her concert one hour before show time.

Many air travelers ended up spending Wednesday night huddled under blankets at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport. The City of Lights was unprepared for the storm that resulted in the city shutting down bus service and closing the Eiffel Tower as well as grounding flights at the airport.

Photo: AP Photo

But it wasn’t just Paris that was snowbound. In Frankfurt, Germany, 11,000 Shakira fans were already in their seats at the Festhalle waiting for her to take the stage Wednesday evening when organizers told the audience the show wasn’t going to happen. Turns out the weather stranded the Colombian singer in, you guessed it, Paris. A 2011 makeup date will be announced soon.

But while Shakira’s show was a casualty of the storm, a Moscow performance featuring Russian and French dancers went on as scheduled at the Bolshoi. However, the weather delayed French Prime Minister Francois Fillon from leaving Paris, forcing him to miss the show.

But Fillon may have a second chance for a night at the Bolshoi. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin offered to have the show schedule another performance for the French diplomat. Now, that’s power.