The video is set to the tune “Back from Kathmandu,” which hails from OK Go’s third studio album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. The album was released earlier this year on Capitol Records.

Ok Go’s parade took place Nov. 17 and wrapped around an 8.5 route of Los Angeles using Range Rover’s free Pulse of the City app to spell out the symbol “OK Go.”

The band described the event as a “big, awesome psycho-spatial-geo-musical-techno-sonic parade-party,” adding that the GPS device helps make “a really cool piece of art out of the way you have moved through your world.”

Another way to think of it is to look at your city as a “giant Etch a Sketch.”

OK Go is encouraging fans to map out their own journeys through their cities. Fans can walk, drive, cycle or skate as they “spell out a word or name, write a message to someone, draw your spirit animal or just take a more creative route to work.” After documenting the journey, the band wants fans to send in the GPS image of the route along with photos and videos. The group will then use the footage in a final video for the project in early 2011.

Ok Go’s GPS Parade video is a follow-up to the band’s Grammy-award winning, single-take treadmill video for 2006’s “Here It Goes Again” and recent ingenious videos for “This Too Shall Pass,” “White Knuckles” and “Last Leaf.”

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