Pardoning Morrison last week was one of the last bits of unfinished business for outgoing Florida Governor / Doors fan Charlie Crist. The conviction stems from a March 1, 1969 show at Miami’s Dinner Key Auditorium where Morrison was alleged to have shown the audience more of him than was allowed by law. Morrison was appealing the conviction when he died in Paris in 1971.

Writing in the Miami New Times, Jorge Casuso describes how he and his buddies were righteous Doors fans and that a friend’s parents agreed to take them to the concert. However, what was waiting for them at the venue wasn’t exactly what they expected.

Describing a show beginning with the other three Doors members “playing an interminable intro,” Casuso says Morrison finally walked out on stage carrying a white lamb and a whiskey bottle and, instead of finally singing a song after the wait, proceeded to “rant against the system and how ‘The Man’ was oppressing us.”

Casuso quickly zeroes in on the moment in question when Morrison was alleged to have shown his penis to the audience, saying “Morrison did something we couldn’t see” followed by the police taking him off the stage.

Four decades later Casuso still remembers the show as the worst concert he’s ever seen, with the misery factor compounded by the fact that he and his friends mowed lawns and saved up their allowances so they could see their musical heroes.  Casuso ends his essay with a plea for a refund.

But we’re not holding our breath waiting to hear if Casuso is successful in his quest. Then, like now, concert ticketing worked on a very simple premise – all sales final.

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