Stones At Glastonbury?

Will The Rolling Stones headline in 2011? At least one member of the band thinks it’s a good idea, but admits it probably won’t happen.

While launching a new radio slot for Absolute Classic Rock, Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood said there were rumors indicating the band would play the annual music festival, but that it probably isn’t going to take place anytime soon.

However, while talking about the rumors, Wood mentioned it’s been a while since his band mates had all assembled in the same room. Or on a conference call.

“I’d love to do it. I’m always up for the festivals,” Wood said regarding the Stones-at-Glastonbury rumors, according to the Metro. “As far as the Stones are concerned we haven’t had a get-together for three years but it’s high time.”

Wood did indicate that there were plans for the band to begin serious talks about possible tour, but didn’t say when that discussion might take place.

But rumors about rock bands are plentiful in the British press. In January The Rolling Stones issued a statement through the band’s publicist refuting rumors originating in London newspapers claiming the band was going to tour in 2010. And we all know how accurate those rumors were.

Photo: John Davisson
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