Dec. 16’s show was the second of two nights at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, Calif. The concert marked the last stop of a two-week U.S. tour and the last show of the year for Badly Drawn Boy (whose real name is Damon Gough).

The English singer-songwriter’s interaction with the crowd that night was described by various blogs as an “onstage meltdown” and a “massive tantrum.” 

Footage captured during the show and posted to YouTube showed Gough calling his fans four-letter words and repeatedly telling the crowd to “f**k off.”

Gough made it clear he wasn’t having a good time.

“Do you think I enjoy this? Do you think I wanna be away from my two kids and do this s**t?” he asked the crowd, according to the video posted on reported that Gough complained about the “the guitars, the monitors, the lighting, the crowd and finally the sound guy.”

At one point Gough said, “I’m going to ruin my career tonight,” according to the site. He later left the stage for 15 minutes and returned to say he was “never playing live again.”

Gough issued a statement about the incident on Tuesday.

“I can start by saying that ‘there is no-one more upset by this situation than myself,’ the singer wrote.

Gough said he was frustrated during the show because he hadn’t been able to put on a performance to the best of his ability. Before saying sorry to fans, the statement pointed out that a few members of the crowd were heckling him.

“Considering what I was going through, this was too much to bear,” Gough said.

The singer thanked the fans that stuck it out during his rant to see the entire show.

“I don’t feel I owe an apology to those who heckled but I want to profusely apologise to those caught in the crossfire … especially a guy who had to leave with his young daughter and all of you who stuck by me to help turn things around.”

Gough said he regretted that the tour ended on such a sour note. He also apologized to the Troubadour and the venue’s staff.
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