A Few More Things: Roger Waters, Roger Daltrey & Toni Braxton

Roger Waters is filming and recording a series of upcoming shows, Roger Daltrey recently discussed undergoing pre-cancerous surgery, and Toni Braxton has a new gig as a reality TV star.

Daltrey’s Voice Is Alright Now

One news item that got buried during the holidays last month was an interview Roger Daltrey gave with CBS Los Angeles. The Who singer acknowledged that he had surgery to remove a pre-cancerous growth from his vocal chords in December 2009.

The surgery took place the week before Christmas, just before The Who performed the half-time show at the Super Bowl in February 2010.

Photo: Chris McKay / ConcertShots.com
The Arena At Gwinnett Center, Duluth, Ga.

Daltrey was treated by Dr. Steven Zeitels, Director of the Mass General Voice Center and a professor at Harvard Medical School. The doctor also counts Julie Andrews and Steven Tyler as his patients.

“When he came in there were changes that were the typical ones we would see, but then there were other changes on his vocal chords – evidence of pre-cancerous dysplasia,” Zeitels told CBS Los Angeles. “It could have been cancer.”

The singer said he went through a depression after the surgery when he was forced to go through “two weeks of silence” where he had to endure “silence and no drinking.”

Daltrey says he’s happy to have his voice back and that Zeitels “swears that he’ll keep me singing ‘til I’m 80.”
Click here to read the interview with CBS Los Angeles. 

Wish You Were At The O2

Fans attending Roger Waters’ upcoming shows at The O2 in London are advised to be on their best behavior because all six of the performances will be filmed and recorded.

The gigs – which take place May 11-12, 14-15 and 17 – are part of Waters’ The Wall Live tour. The trek features Waters performing the 1979 Pink Floyd album The Wall in its entirety.

Photo: David Conger / DavidConger.com
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Wash.

In a statement on his official website Waters told fans that photographs at The 02 shows will be permitted as long as the audience refrains from using flash photography.

“Flash wipes out the images projected on the Wall, which are the most important part of the show. Any person who uses Flash will have their camera confiscated and could be removed from the Arena.”

The statement didn’t say anything about an upcoming live DVD but fans (and music blogs) can always hope.

Click here for Roger Waters’ official website.

Braxton Family Values

Toni Braxton has found a new job to help pay off some of her debt.

The Grammy award-winning singer is teaming up with her sisters to star in the reality show “Braxton Family Values.”

Photo: AP Photo
Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Associated Press notes that “Braxton Family Values” will feature Toni’s sisters Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar “trying to follow the 43-year-old Braxton into show business.”

The 10-episode series is set to premier on the WE network in April.

Braxton filed for her second bankruptcy in October. She previously filed in 1998.