During the 1970s Rafferty had two major hits under different names. His first was with the Scottish folk band he formed with Joe Egan in 1972 called Stealers Wheel, which hit the top ten with “Stuck In The Middle With You,” a Dylanesque tune that took on a whole new meaning when Quentin Tarantino used it for background music during a torture scene in his crime opus “Reservoir Dogs.”

But it was the late ‘70s when Rafferty was all over the radio with the hit “Baker Street” from his 1978 album City To City. With a catchy sax riff permeating most of the song, “Baker Street” was one of those rare gems that crossed many radio formats, sounding equally at home on rock, Top 40 and adult contemporary stations.

In 2009 Brit media outlets claimed Rafferty was battling alcoholism and liver failure and that the musician had been living out of a suitcase, leading speculation that he was missing. However, those reports were refuted by Rafferty’s lawyer, who said the artist was in Italy.

London’s Daily Mirror reports Rafferty was admitted to Royal Bournemouth Hospital for “multi-organ failure” in November 2009 but was taken off life support after his kidneys began working again. According to the newspaper, Rafferty was at home with his daughter Martha when he passed away.

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