The anonymous letter writer says that Bragg is a hypocrite for siding with the poor in his protest songs and political views but living in a £1.5million ($2.3 million) ocean-view home in the Dorset, England, village of Burton Bradstock.

The Daily Mail scanned and posted a copy of the letter on its website. The letter sent out to Burton Bradstock villagers is titled “The Village Idiot” and includes a picture of Bragg sporting a red clown nose.

“Billy ‘socialist leftist marxist’ Bragg moved out of multicultural London years ago to live in a mansion in Dorset which is just about the ‘whitest’ part of England,” the letter says.

“Racial attacks on white people in England (by mostly Muslim males) are now reaching something like epedemic proportions, and Billy ‘BIGHEAD’ Bragg wants this for Dorset.”

A copy of the letter was even sent to village postmaster Simon Holdcroft.

“We thought we were the only ones to have been sent it but over a few days it became clear that about 20 or 30 people had also got one,” Holdcroft told the Daily Mail. “A lot of the people were quite horrified by it. It wasn’t overly aggressive and didn’t include death threats but it wasn’t nice.”

The Daily Mail story included quotes from two other villagers voicing their support for Bragg and agreeing that the musician had done a “lot of good” for the village.

Bragg released a statement explaining that he wasn’t taking the letter seriously. 

“It is clear from the content that this anonymous letter has been written by a disgruntled supporter of the British National Party,” Bragg said, according to the U.K. paper. “This letter is nothing more than the powerless ranting of a bitter individual who is angry that, even in a sleepy village like ours, people reject the politics of racism.”

The Daily Mail noted that Bragg volunteered during the last election in “vigorously” campaigning against the British National Party. He has also refused to pay his taxes to make a statement against bankers’ bonuses. 

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