The band issued a statement decrying scalpers that claim to have tickets to the band’s shows even though the ducats haven’t yet gone on sale through official outlets.

Yes, it’s the old story of re-sellers claiming to have tickets way before the official on sale date. Usually, a look past the fine print indicates the re-sellers are taking deposits on tickets, meaning that when and if they do get the tix, their deposit customers will get first dibs.

But Dispatch is having none of that. The band’s statement reminds folks that tickets don’t go on sale until Jan. 21 and will only be available via Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster box offices. The band also points out that many re-seller claims are strictly b.s.

“All other websites are secondary-market scalpers,” reads the statement. “Any tickets purchased via these outlets cannot be guaranteed. As an example, a secondary ticketing website is offering exact seat locations to Dispatch at Red Rocks. These seat locations do not even exist for Dispatch’s show.”

The band points out that it has worked really hard to keep prices down to a $40 ticket across the board and asks that fans do not sell their tickets to re-sellers.

Unfortunately for the band, a low-price in-demand ticket only encourages scalping. Dispatch had pretty much vanished from the touring radar when in 2007 the group decided to do a reunion show at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Ticket demand quickly changed that one-off evening into three sold-out nights. With the upcoming tour beginning at Denver’s Red Rocks June 4 expecting to do great business, that means re-sellers as well as individuals trying to make a quick dollar on eBay or through re-selling sites like StubHub will be out in force.

Welcome back to the road, guys.

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