Melissa Etheridge To Step Into ‘American Idiot’

Melissa Etheridge is about to get in touch with her punk side.

The Grammy- and Oscar-winning singer will temporarily step in for Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong while he takes a break from performing in his Broadway musical, “American Idiot.”

Etheridge will play drug dealer “St. Jimmy” from Feb. 1 to Feb. 6. Armstrong, the composer and co-author of the musical, returns Feb. 10.

The high-octane show follows three working-class characters as they wrestle with modern life. One joins the Army, one becomes a father and one descends into a drug-fueled life — thanks to St. Jimmy.

Photo: AP Photo
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Says director Michael Mayer: “This character is seductive, thrilling and dangerous. Melissa Etheridge is all that and so much more.”