Kid Rock’s Bogus B-Day Tix

A recent concert to celebrate Kid Rock’s 40th birthday hit the wrong note with many fans who purchased what turned out to be counterfeit tickets.

Kid Rock’s “Guess I’m Frickin’ 40” bash, held Jan. 15 at Detroit’s Ford Field, proved a big draw, reportedly selling out in 20 minutes. But the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take the hometown hero over the hill drew both Kid Rock enthusiasts and scammers out of the woodwork.

Photo: AP Photo
Ford Field, Detroit, Mich.

Police told the Detroit News several reports of fake tickets were filed, and a preliminary investigation indicated hundreds in the area might have been scammed out of as much as $1,500 through ticket offerings on Craigslist.

One woman who filed a claim purchased two tickets for $375 through a seller named Jimmy. She only learned she’d been duped at the door.

“The tickets look amazing,” Christina DeCarolis told the News. “It was hard for people at will call to tell they were fake. We knew maybe the Craigslist wasn’t the safest bet. But they were the cheapest ones we could find.”

A Live Nation Detroit representative told the paper the fake tickets will serve as a cautionary tale for fans to only buy from reputable sources.

“Don’t buy from Craigslist. Don’t buy from scalpers,” LN’s Dave Clark said. “Buy from Ticketmaster, the box office or the fan club. Otherwise, buyer beware.”

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