Somewhat bemused as to why the act needed the animal in the middle of a Dutch city in the middle of the night, Eurosonic talent booker Robert Meijerink passed the information to his backstage staff with an instruction to deal with it as best they could.

When the folksy young ladies of My Bubba & Mi arrived at Groningen’s USVA venue Jan. 13, where they were playing a showcase as part of the European Talent Exchange Programme, they were told that a note had been left for them.

This is the gist of what it said: “Dear My Bubba & Mi. I arrived earlier and hung around waiting for you for over two hours.

“Then I had to leave to go on to my next engagement. To show that I did actually turn up, I’ve left ‘the droppings’ I made while I was here.”

Along with the note the nag had left, the act was given a plastic bag full of horse manure.