Buffett Injured

The Australian press reports that, while performing at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion Jan. 26, Jimmy Buffett fell into the pit in front of the stage and was rushed to the hospital.

The accident reportedly occurred during 64-year-old singer’s encore, just after he sang, ”It’s been a lovely cruise, I’m sorry it’s ended,” according to the Daily Telegraph.

With Buffett lying on the floor in front of the venue’s first row of seats, Michael Chugg, the promoter for Buffett’s Australian shows, reportedly urged the audience to leave the auditorium. Paramedics arrived and the artist was taken to Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital.

While neither Chugg nor his assistant commented about the accident to the Australian press, the newspaper reported an audience member saying it appeared Buffett suffered a head injury in the fall. Another audience member told the Daily Telegraph that Buffett fell face-first off the stage.

“We were in the 10th row and it looked like he did a massive face plant after his encore and pretty much did not get up,” Dan Bateman told the newspaper.

(TMZ has video here.)