Michaels Discharged From Hospital

A Phoenix hospital says rock star Bret Michaels has been released.

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center said Wednesday that Michaels left the hospital after undergoing a successful heart procedure.

A doctor who treated Michaels says the procedure to fix a hole in Michaels’ heart produced excellent results and he expects the singer to return to normal activities in a few weeks.

Doctors discovered the hole in April when Michaels was treated for a brain hemorrhage.

Surgeons Monday inserted a catheter into a vein in Michaels’ groin with a closure device attached. Tiny cameras assisted doctors as they operated to close the hole.

Photo: Joey Foley / Getty Images
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Doctors said the closure device will stay in Michaels’ heart permanently to stop abnormal blood flow between two chambers of his heart, which is thought to have caused the warning stoke Michaels suffered.