Jimmy Buffett ‘Doing Well’

Jimmy Buffett recently a concert in New Zealand following a fall from the stage of Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion that left him unconscious Jan. 26.

“Jimmy spent the night in the hospital and has since been discharged,” promoter Chugg Entertainment announced in a statement. “He was scheduled to perform at the Auckland Viaduct on Te Wero Island this Saturday night but unfortunately, he will be canceling the New Zealand show to allow himself to recover from his injuries.”

Buffett suffered a head injury, according to reports from medical staff at Sydney’s St. Vincent Hospital, where he was rushed following the fall.

Gordian Fulde, the hospital’s emergency department director who happened to be in attendance at the show, recalled Buffett’s “very nasty tumble,” to Seven Network Television.

“He just didn’t drop in front of the stage,” Fulde said. “I heard the ‘crack’ and I thought, ‘This guy has broken his neck.’”

Fulde later added that despite Buffett’s injuries, scans performed at the hospital showed the singer did not have a concussion although he was reportedly knocked cold for 10 minutes.

The accident reportedly occurred during the 64-year-old singer’s encore, just after he sang, “It’s been a lovely cruise, I’m sorry it’s ended.”

With Buffett lying on the floor in front of the venue’s first row of seats, Michael Chugg told audience members the concert was over and asked them to exit the building.

Buffett’s Sydney shows were the first he’d performed downunder in 20 years. While tickets for the Auckland show were refunded, Chugg Entertainment said in its statement that the singer plans to return to the region.