Moby’s Monday Morning, Acid-Tripping Intruder

Moby started his morning by confronting an intruder in his Griffith Park, Calif., home.

The DJ/singer/songwriter wrote about his encounter with the surprise guest on his official website’s blog.

After waking up at 7 a.m. Moby walked into his living room to find a stranger standing next to his couch. He learned that the intruder’s name was Robbie. When Moby asked what he was doing in his house, Robbie responded, “I’m here.”

Photo: James Hendershot
Rams Head Live, Baltimore, Md.

Moby told Robbie twice to leave. Although the intruder said “ok” he simply sat down and didn’t move. When Moby asked if everything was all right, Robbie said, “I might still be on acid.”

Robbie finally left Moby’s home after the musician gave him a sweatshirt and breakfast money.

From now on Moby plans on locking his door at night. He noted that he considers both himself and Robbie to be lucky.

“He’s lucky that I didn’t have guns and that I didn’t call the police and that I gave him some breakfast money. I’m lucky that he wasn’t a violent crazy person and that he didn’t stab me in my sleep. I’ve also decided that locking my doors might be a good thing. I know, who doesn’t lock their doors? Well, I don’t. Or didn’t. I mean, my neighbors these days are coyotes and frogs, and I just kind of assumed that a closed door was a good enough deterrent for a coyote or a frog. But I guess I’ll err on the side of security and actually lock my doors at night from now on.”

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