AEG Starts Its Expo

The first of what is expected to be an annual corporate event called AEG Expo launched today with breakfast at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, and we hear there might be some big news coming out of it.

The expo is for AEG employees and guests only but it segues nicely into the Pollstar Live! event that begins at the hotel Feb. 4, one day after the Expo comes to a close.

The opening event today includes a welcome & introduction by AEG President Tim Leiweke followed by keynotes from CAA music chief Rob Light and Coca-Cola’s Bea Perez.  Thursday is keynoted by former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and includes an “NFL Discussion” panel that will focus on AEG’s football stadium proposal with participants including Leiweke, AEG stadium partner Casey Wasserman, and Kevin Kelso from Farmers Insurance, which would name the project.

Other main panels include “The Future of Touring and the Concert Industry” that has recognizable AEG Live names – Debra Rathwell, John Meglen, Louis Messina, Randy Phillips, Leiweke and moderator Larry Vallon.

There are also panel discussions regarding Return on Investment, the Future of Live Entertainment (which includes Kenneth Feld) and Sports Content.

There is also a panel today about ticketing that includes former Ticketmaster exec – now with AEG – David Goldberg and former TM CEO – now with Outbox Enterprises – Fred Rosen. It’s no secret that AEG Live would like to have a ticketing platform independent of Ticketmaster. Could there be a connection to this panel?

The Expo includes several “Breakout Sessions” focusing on topics like vendor sponsorships, marketing L.A. Live and the digital revolution. There is also Promoting 101 where a panel of experts teaches visitors the particulars on buying, marketing and producing a concert with the caveat “be prepared to get called on with questions from our expert panel.”

There’s also a breakout session called AEG Fit that runs three times a day where Dr. Robert Huizenga from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” gives participants some wellness education.

We’re keeping our ear to the ground; hopefully more info tomorrow.