The four-man band consisting of vocalist Jason Chandler, guitarist Terry Linehan, drummer Art Tedeschi and Green Day’s Mike Dirnt on bass releases its Griller EP this month on Adeline Records. Although the EP ships in physical form Feb. 15, it won’t be available for download until Feb. 22.

But you may have to put on your travelin’ shoes if you want to see the band live. Right now there’s only a brief tour of California tour scheduled, beginning Feb. 18 at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley. Other dates are Feb. 19 in Petaluma at the Phoenix Theater; Feb. 20 in San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop; Feb. 23 at Oakland’s Command Center; Feb. 25 in Santa Barbara at Velvet Jones and Feb. 27 at West Hollywood’s Troubadour.

The aptly named band’s output has been somewhat sporadic over the years. The Frustrators’ first effort, the Bored In The USA EP, came out in 2000 while the band’s first full-length release, Achtung Jackass, dropped in 2002. Apparently, conflicting schedules are responsible for the band’s nearly decade-long absence.

Vocalist Chandler, who also handles the band’s artwork, also did the artwork on the CD by Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs as well as the Hot Tubs’ concert backdrops. Chandler’s other projects included working on the jacket and book design for Keith Knight’s “Red, White, Black and Blue: A (Th)ink Anthology” and working with Nobyl Skateboards.

Then there’s Dirnt, whose Green Day / Foxboro Hot Tubs commitments have kept him occupied over the years.

“I don’t think it would be something we’d be comfortable doing without Mike,” Linehan said in a statement announcing the EP and tour dates. “He’s a big part of what makes us tick. It wouldn’t be the same, and would be probably a disappointment to the kids who come out to see us if he wasn’t there.”

Joining The Frustrators on the upcoming tour will be Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits. Check out the band on Facebook and Twitter for more information.