WME, Restructuring Firm Team Up

William Morris Endeavor announced a strategic partnership with restructuring and investment firm Gordon Brothers Group Jan. 31, a move that follows the two companies’ collaboration on a project with Lady Gaga and Polaroid.

WME will make its roster of celebrities including music and film stars available to help rebrand undervalued consumer brands in the partnership. The Polaroid brand was revived last when WME client Lady Gaga became its creative director, appeared in ads and helped develop products including sunglasses that take photos.

“Polaroid is our proof of concept,” said WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel in a statement. “It demonstrates that Gordon Brothers Group’s inherent understanding of how to maximize the value of retail and consumer product-based businesses, what I call their ‘merchants perspective,’ combined with WME’s deep relationships and acumen in media and entertainment, are the perfect mix for successful brand revitalization.”

The partnership aims to create more than just endorsement opportunities, but hands-on opportunities to revive flagging consumer brands.

Gordon Brothers Group acquired Polaroid’s assets in a 2009 bankruptcy auction. The company quickly moved to improve research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and expand global reach of the once-iconic Polaroid brand.

Bringing Lady Gaga into the mix served to update the company’s image with an original line of products and, in return, Gaga received a financial stake in Polaroid.