Steve Vai Wants To Teach You A Lesson

The guitarist extraordinaire is aiming to teach the world’s largest online guitar lesson. But he needs your help. Details inside.

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Steve Vai has joined forces with Berkleemusic, Boston’s Berklee College Of Music’s online educational center to shoot for the Guinness World Record for the largest online guitar lesson. However, it can only reach that goal if enough people join in as students.

That’s where you come in. All you need do is grab your axe and plop yourself down at your computer at 1:30 p.m. EST March 3 and connect with If enough people join the free lesson as students, then the event will be immortalized for all eternity in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Or until someone tops the record.

The plan calls for Vai, a Berklee College Of Music alumnus, to offer a 30-minute lesson focusing on how guitarists can, not only develop their skills, but develop insight into their own playing. Once the lesson is over, Vai will answer questions submitted to him online.

As an added enticement, Berkleemusic will donate one dollar for every student joining the online lesson to the school’s Steve Vai Online Scholarship Fund. Now you have no excuse for failing to participate. Vai will teach you, and YOU WILL LEARN.

“This online event, and the larger efforts Berkleemusic is making to teach students around the world, is a great example of the collaboration that happens at Berklee,” Vai said in a statement announcing the online lesson. “Whether you’re in Boston, Bombay, or Brussels, we’ll all be together on March 3rd.”

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Online streaming service Livestream is doing the heavy lifting. For more information on joining the lesson, check out