TM Error Irks Soccer Fans

Some soccer lovers in Nashville have a bone to pick with Ticketmaster after the company sold them tickets to an upcoming U.S. men’s national game at LP Field, and then said there had been a “pricing error.”

One fan, Chris Griggs, vented his frustration to the Tennessean, explaining he paid $32.70 each for two tickets, then received an e-mail from TM more than a week later.

“This is not the kind of e-mail we like to send,” the message reportedly said, acknowledging the pricing error. “The correct price for your seats is $76.80.”

The message also noted that the tickets had been canceled and gave Griggs several options: pay the difference to keep the seats, trade for cheaper seats or receive a full refund.

Griggs was frustrated by the situation.

“If I quote someone a price on something and they accept the terms and pay me, I’m never entitled to go back and ask for more money,” he told the paper. “They’ve canceled the original agreement and I don’t have any recourse, according to them.”

Another fan that fell victim to the pricing error worried whether LP Field would take a big hit over the flub.

“The whole goal is to get people to come to sporting events,” the fan said. “Doing this to fans is not the way to get them there.”

The company acknowledged in a statement that the inadvertent pricing error occurred for a “small number of fans” and that they were given “several options, in accordance with our terms of use for such situations.

“Ticketmaster and U.S. Soccer are working closely to resolve this situation and ensure fans are satisfied,” the statement said.