Yet Another Sign Bieber Has Conquered The World

There are more people in the world who have recorded hit records than have been spoofed on the cover of Mad Magazine. Justin Bieber, however, has accomplished both milestones.

Yes, the “usual gang of idiots” have skewered another celeb, that ultra-famous teenager from Canada nobody had ever heard of three years ago. From obscurity to YouTube to the cover of Mad, that’s an accomplishment few people, if any can claim.

Of course, it’s not actually Bieber on the front of the April edition. Instead, it’s Mad mascot Alfred E. Neuman sporting a Bieber haircut yet still displaying his casual “What, me worry?” attitude.

Photo: AP Photo
Click on the image to see the complete cover.

The cover also promises the skinny on Beiber with articles titled “His Stupid Hair!” “His Dumb Book!” “His Terrible Movie!” and “His Awful Music!” Needless to say, Mad spares no expense when it comes to exclamation points.

But even spoofing a huge star on the cover doesn’t necessarily boost a magazine’s circulation, which is probably why there are a few other non-Bieber items on the cover, including “Obama Vs. The Other 42 Presidents” and “Donald Trump: World’s Worst Undercover Boss.”

Despite these added attractions we suspect the April 2011 issue of Mad will long be remembered as the Bieber issue, which, by the way, goes on sale this Friday.