Pollstar Live Panel Coverage

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Digital Edition (The full Pollstar Live issue, including party photos)

Keynote with Fred Rosen and Tom Ross

Rod Essig’s Country Roundtable

Casino Talent Buyers Forum (guest starring Larry King)

Talkin’ Bout My Generation (Dick Alen, Ed Rubinstein)

Indie Promtoers Are The Soul Of The Business (Dan Steinberg, Bill Rogers)

Indie Agents Are The Heartbeat Of The Business (Wayne Forte, Paul Goldman, Mike Kappus)

Collegiate Introduction To The Business (Barbara Hubbard, John Huie)

Sustainable Concert Venues (Bill Silva, Wilson Rogers)

Marrying Music And Mobile (Ralph Simon, Eric Garland)

Hidden Psychology Of Concert Tickets (William Poundstone, Adam Friedman, Stuart Ross)

Gordon Gekko Manifesto (Alex Hodges, Steve Martin, Troy Blakely)

Path With A Heart (Chuck Morris, Brad Corrigan of Dispatch)

Marketing More For Less (Maria Brunner)

Deep Thoughts on Production (Bill Rahmy, Christopher Kansy)

What Your Prices Say About You (Dr. Victor Bennett)

Theatre and PAC Forum (Sally Williams, Christine Barkley)

The Doors, an L.A. Story (Ray Manzarek, Eliot Lefko)