The Latest Rolling Stones Rumor

Despite what you may have heard about what’s keeping The Rolling Stones from touring, a British newspaper reports the band’s absence from the road may all boil down to Keith Richards’ remark about Mick Jagger’s “tiny todger.”

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For a band that doesn’t have a new album and isn’t planning on touring anytime soon, The Rolling Stones sure have received a lot of press lately.

The Stones’ possible touring plans recently became legal fodder in a countersuit filed against Live Nation by the promotion company’s former CEO Michael Cohl regarding the latter’s non-compete agreement. At one time the agreement was supposed to make an exception for Cohl promoting a Stones tour. However, Live Nation notified him in February 2010 that it would bid against him if the band decided to tour that year, yet another reminder as to why God created lawyers.

At about the same time Cohl’s countersuit made headlines, The Stones issued a statement saying any contractual agreements with Cohl expired in 2007, that he is not the band’s representative and there are “no firm plans to tour at this time.”

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Performance in Horsens, Denmark, at Forum Horsens Stadium as part of the A Bigger Bang tour.

But leave it to the British press to ignore all that legal rumbling to focus on what’s really important, namely the size of Mick Jagger’s manhood.

Quoting unidentified sources, the Daily Mirror claims Keith Richards remarks about Jagger’s “tiny todger” may have scuttled plans for a Stones tour.

Richards’ remark first emerged in his autobiography, “Life,” which hit stores last fall, and the guitarist restated the comment in an interview shortly after the book’s release. While the Daily Mirror doesn’t say the remark actually deep-sixed tour plans, it quotes a source as saying it didn’t necessarily help.

“Even before Keith’s comments, there was talk of various egos at play within the band which was making negotiations difficult,” the source told the Daily Mirror. “But the fallout from the interview seemed to be the final straw.”

The newspaper also said The Stones may tour in 2012 and that London Olympic officials want the band to open the games. But sometimes you gotta take these reports with more than the usual single grain of salt.

Besides, by 2012 Richards may have found another part of Jagger’s anatomy to crack wise about.

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Starting the Euro tour at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy.

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