Kid Rock Tells Off ‘So-Called Fans’

Nothing keeps Kid Rock from rocking out – especially not a bit of snow. The singer took to the stage in Little Rock, Ark., last night after first posting a rant on his website complaining about fans that had criticized his decision to go on with the show.

According to the Associated Press, parts of Arkansas were hit with nearly two feet of snow on Wednesday. Authorities recommended people stay at home if at all possible. Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department spokesman David Nilles said the ice on the highways was responsible for “a lot of slipping and sliding.”

A crash on Interstate 40 on Wednesday near Brinkley, Ark., killed a 1-year-old boy and a 23-year-old woman. Another woman was killed in a crash just east of Little Rock.

Photo: AP Photo
A salt truck approaches a snow-covered intersection where cars are abandoned in Little Rock, Ark.

Despite the snowy conditions, on Wednesday Verizon Arena in North Little Rock announced that Kid Rock’s show would still take place that evening.

Some fans were not pleased that the show wasn’t being rescheduled and took to the comment forum on Kid Rock’s website to get out their frustrations.

“KidFan” wrote, “This is ridiculous that you are not rescheduling or canceling the show. Are you really that money hungry? Are you really wanting people to risk their lives for you?”

Other fans such as “Kid Rick” pleaded with the musician not to call off the gig, writing, “Please do not cancel tonight in the Rock! We brought our kids a long way for them to see you. … They will be heartbroken.

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Huntington Center, Toledo, OH

Kid Rock responded to fans on his website with a post filled with the use of the caps lock key and a few choice four-letter words.

He started off the post by assuring fans refunds to the Little Rock show were available.

“It’s this simple, If you bought tix to tonights show and can’t make it, YOU WILL BE GETTING A REFUND, STRAIGHT OUT OF MY POCKET. I’ve never ripped any of my fans off, EVER!!!”

Kid then addressed his critics.

“I have also NEVER missed a show. I know there are people who drove here from Memphis and Oklahoma, been in [their] cars all day driving and dealing with this sh**ty weather, the same as me and my band have the WHOLE TOUR. You so called ‘fans’ on my website bitchin and moanin and saying I’m greedy, can GO F**K YOURSELVES, plain and simple. Throw out my cd’s and lose my number, I don’t want drama kings and queens like yall anywhere around myself, band, crew, family or my fans.”

He admitted that he makes a lot of money but added that living his dream comes with a number of sacrifices. Kid promised fans that made it to the show that he wouldn’t let them down.

A follow-up post noted that refunds will be available at the point of purchase until Feb. 25 at 5 p.m.

Tomorrow Kid Rock is scheduled to play in Louisville, Ky., at KFC Yum! Center.

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