HotStar: Daniel Tosh

Not too many funnymen out there could go head to head with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert and win, but Daniel Tosh did just that last summer.

Maybe it was Tosh’s brand of biting, envelope-pushing humor that scored “Tosh.0,” a weekly series on Comedy Central devoted to all the wacky, weird and WTF that is the Internet, big ratings wins over Stewart and Colbert.

Or perhaps it was word of mouth, as Tosh has built a huge following through Twitter, blogs and online video posts.

Regardless, Tosh’s star has continued to rise and his success on cable is mirrored by consistent sellouts around the country for stand-up shows.

But don’t think Tosh is new to the stand-up game. He’s been winning over crowds since the late ’90s, when he got the attention of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment’s Stacy Mark.

Mark told Pollstar Tosh built up a solid fanbase through clubs and colleges over the years. So when the TV show came along it helped ticket sales, “but he had so many fans before that, it just added to it.”

Having such tech-savvy fans has proved a windfall for the comedian, too, as the majority of tickets for his shows have been sold through his tweets alone.

“We didn’t spend much in advertising at all,” Mark said. “We didn’t need to.”

Tosh’s “Happy Thoughts” stand-up special on Comedy Central airs March 6.

After that, Tosh heads back to the drawing board to work on fresh material, with plans to head back out in August during a “Tosh.0” hiatus.


Moved 10,000 tickets in a two-show sellout at Denver’s Wells Fargo Theatre

2010 Box Office
Average Tickets Sold: 3,006
Average Gross: $110,061