LCD Soundsystem Vs. Scalpers

LCD Soundsystem is sticking it to the scalpers who are selling over-priced tickets to the band’s final show by adding four more farewell dates.

Earlier this month the dance-punk group announced it would play its last show ever April 2 at Madison Square Garden Arena in New York.

Tickets went on sale Feb. 9 and soon landed up on secondary ticketing websites like along with highly inflated prices.

Frontman James Murphy’s first reaction was to condemn the scalpers through a series of angry tweets on the band’s official Twitter page.

“1500 for a single ticket? F**k you, scalpers. You are parasites. I HATE you,” Murphy tweeted Wednesday. “I will try to figure a way out to f**k these f**kers. NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, IT IS NOT WORTH THAT KIND OF MONEY TO SEE US!”

On Sunday the band announced it had booked an additional four farewell dates with a post on its official website titled “f**k you, scalpers. terminal 5 shows added.”

The new shows take place March 28-31 at New York’s Terminal 5.

Murphy said the band was surprised tickets for the Madison Square Garden show sold out so fast “because we’ve never sold anything out so quickly in our lives, and certainly never sold out anything as big as msg.”

In the extensive post Murphy wrote that he had been tempted to buy tickets “and then track the seller down to beat him up,” admitted that his angry tweets were “a first-world spoiled idiotic move,” and discussed how much his bandmates and fans meant to him.

Details about the on-sale for tickets to the Terminal 5 shows will be announced soon.

“I just want to give people who actually want to see us a chance to see us. For a reasonable ticket price. And I want to drop the price of the MSG tickets being sold by piece of shit scalpers,” Murphy wrote.

“Oh – and a small thing to scalpers: ‘it’s legal’ is what people say when they don’t have ethics. The law is there to set the LIMIT of what is PUNISHABLE (aka where the state needs to intervene) but we are supposed to have ethics, and that should be the primary guiding force in our actions, you f**king f**k.

“And to everyone else: thank you. You rule. Don’t let the shitbags win. I feel like Conan O’Brien.”