New Metro Shed On Track

Vastland Companies, owner of the land where the former Starwood Amphitheater in Antioch, Tenn., was once located, has reportedly agreed to allow city officials to build a temporary 12,000-capacity shed there.

Vastland’s plan to build 250 town homes and retail space fell through when the economy tanked in 2008. The company is now willing to let the city temporarily replace the concert venue until the economy recovers and the original plan can be put into effect, according to the Tennessean.

Ken Renner, Vastland VP of commercial leasing and development, said the shed plan makes sense.

“This is a use that was good there previously and one we think will help us stop the bleeding financially for a period of time, until we can use the property for its intended purpose,” Renner told the paper.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission approved Feb. 2 the Metro Council’s plan to bring the concert venue back to life as well as a five-year permit for outdoor events.

How best to develop and manage the shed project once in place is under discussion.