Rock Bites Fans

A canceled concert, no matter the circumstances, can often trigger an angry tirade of unprintable comments by fans on an artist’s website. But Kid Rock got the treatment after a Feb. 9 concert he didn’t cancel.

The show, scheduled at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Ark., coincided with a winter storm that dropped two feet of snow in the area and left road conditions tricky at best for those traveling to the gig. Regardless, Rock decided that the show must go on.

As showtime approached, his website was inundated with complaints, prompting an equally expletive-laced response from Rock – who takes a hands-on approach to communicating with his fan base – as well as a promise of refunds to those who missed the concert.

“It’s this simple, If you bought tix to tonight’s show and can’t make it, YOU WILL BE GETTING A REFUND, STRAIGHT OUT OF MY POCKET,” Kid Rock posted to, apparently from his dressing room. “I’ve never ripped any of my fans off, EVER!!! I have also NEVER missed a show.

“I know there are people who drove here from Memphis and Oklahoma, been in their cars all day driving and dealing with this shitty weather, the same as me and my band have the WHOLE TOUR. You so called ‘fans’ on my website bitchin and moanin and saying I’m greedy, can GO FUCK YOURSELVES, plain and simple. Throw out my cd’s and lose my number, I don’t want drama kings and queens like y’all anywhere around myself, band, crew, family or my fans.”

He continued, thanking the fans that did come, saying “To the people who made it to tonights show, I WON’T LET YOU DOWN.”
He posted a photo of himself with his laptop from the dressing room at Verizon Arena and, later, a photo of a truck carrying his lighting that had spun out on a snowy highway. And he posted a supportive message from his mother.

Those unable or unwilling to brave the elements were able to get full refunds at the point of purchase beginning Feb. 18.